Crown and Anchor, Ramsbury, Wiltshire   4 comments

crown and anchor ramsbury

A cool day made warm by a four mile jog away from the latest effort in Global G-Had (map at the GH4 site); in fact, it was made fairly steamy and I felt the need for refreshment.  It wasn’t planned this way but the nearest pub turned out to be the Crown and Anchor, coincidentally the same as the shirt I was out to break in.  Serendipity of this magnitude cannot be ignored and I was soon sitting in this quiet house with an Usher’s 1824 in hand…first of many beers for the new togs.

crown and anchor ramsbury bee smr


It wasn’t the only coincidence.  The shirt’s original supplier almost monthly posts a missive from a Grateful Dead themed bar, although in Colorado it would be hard to find one that isn’t.  Looking out the window I spotted this:

crown and anchor ramsbury window


Speaking of dead, it was like a morgue in the pub.  Too bad, as it has a lot of nice architectural features and some old accoutrements of the past.  If the house looks familiar, you might have read “Band of Brothers,” as Herbert Sobel of Easy Company set up some training facilities all over the surrounding countryside.  Neither the first of the pubs I’ve visited that has a link to these guys nor likely the last (in fact, later in the day I hit the Wheatsheaf in Chilton Foliat), it is an honour to drain a glass amongst their ghosts.

crown and anchor ramsbury historic taps

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