50 Years Ago: 22 November 1963   Leave a comment

huxley note

The famous last words most associated with today were NOT, “Hey, Connally, where’s that grassy knoll I’ve heard so much about?”  nor were they, “Okay, Tolkien, watch this!” No, they were written on a note from Aldous Huxley to his wife, Laura:

“LSD – try it
intramuscular [IM]
100 mmg” [mmg = μg]

Huxley developed cancer and by this time was unable to speak; Laura fulfilled these noble last wishes twice before he slipped away that afternoon.

That’s all I’m really qualified to say.  But, with JFK hogging most of the semi-centennial attention and CS Lewis (who also popped his clogs that Autumn day) getting a marker in Poet’s Corner of Westminster Abbey, a fan’s tribute on one of the main implementations of the dystopian New World of the internet seems àpropos.


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