Friel’s Cider and Rapid chilling for warm beverages   2 comments

friel's cider pinup

The Tipsy Teachers at Schoolhouse Booze posted an assignment involving cider but when I got to the grocery the product that appeared before me was Friel’s Cider.  I had just heard of this blessed brew on Radio 4’s Food Programme and had to give it a try.  The product is made with only apple juice and yeast with the brewery shunning metabisulfites (normally used to kill the naturally occurring cultures in the fruit).  The juice is dosed with a standard brewing yeast but the rest of the microbiome also blooms resulting in a variable product that, in Glen Friel’s own words, is sometimes sublime and other times unsellable.

friel's cider cooling trick

Obviously, I couldn’t cook with this nor even adulterate it with pie spices.  So, to perform the homework as assigned was impossible.  Instead, I performed a technology experiment…something of a lab practical: the warm bottle of Friel’s is wrapped loosely in a damp paper napkin and place in the freezer for 15 minutes.  The low humidity of the freezer enhances the evaporation from the towel and heat is pulled from the bottle dropping the temperature from 22°C to nearly freezing in the time it took to put the shopping away.

We split the bottle which contains, according to the maker, the equivalent of ten apples–so our 5-A-Day fruit serving was done in a flash. [In the spirit — no pun intended — of the assignment, though, I have done wonderful things to apples in the past and shall again, soon.]

friel's cider 5 apples each

2 responses to “Friel’s Cider and Rapid chilling for warm beverages

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  1. You are quite the scholar! WE’re interested in trying out this “blessed” cider. Can’t wait to give it a try!

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