Elvis Costello at the Saint Louis County Library   3 comments

elvis records

Or, it should more accurately be said NOT at the Saint Louis County Library…. We don’t, at present, have a turntable so most of our music collection is digital (our household Christmas gift to ourselves is going to rectify this situation, though).  A documentary about Elvis Costello prompted me to dig through the old records where I found these gems, slightly overdue:

elvis records slightly overdue

A 6-day grace period is in place for returning materials. The grace period is for 14-day items only. Fines are not charged for Sundays or holidays. Fines for items returned or renewed after the grace period will be calculated from the initial due date.”  At 15 cents per day for 9025 days (excluding Sundays and Holidays), these records have accumulated fines of $2707.50 as of 18 November 2013 (plus 10¢ for losing the card in Punch the Clock) and have traveled the world in the meantime.  But, I promise that next time I’m in the neighbourhood I’ll drop them off.  Besides, at just under 30 years overdue they aren’t the MOST tardy library items on our shelves…I’ve got a copy of Beautiful Losers (the novel by Leonard Cohen) I’ve held onto since the mid-70’s.

3 responses to “Elvis Costello at the Saint Louis County Library

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  1. We do have a turntable, and a mighty fine specimen at that. In a couple of weeks, we’ll be ripping out “Fireplace Face” and building a proper mantel and bookshelves. Our big plan is to build shelves deep enough to hold our records, with a place for the turntable as well. Nothing like vinyl, my friend…

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