The Rose and Crown, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire   Leave a comment

rose and crown hemel hempstead sign

For this post, I shot one of the photos of the Rose and Crown while sitting in the White Hart my first evening in Hemel. The sign shot came as I left the Olde King’s Arms, where I was staying, on my way to a Thai dinner. Each night I saw that the house was heaving with customers so it was surprising that the night of my visit I only found the landlady.

“Do you do food?”
“No, sorry, we shut the kitchen except for the weekends…no trade.”
“Mind if I grab a kebab and bring it back in?”
“No problems, love.”

rose and crown hemel hempstead bar

The White Hart had karaoke on but wasn’t packed. The Old Bell and the Hart had the UEFA Cup match on but so did the R&C. Eventually, a couple of guys that had been playing football came through the car park doors and another came off the High Street, but it was still deathly quiet.

Too bad, too. It is a great two-bar house with a spectacular collection of malts and the feel of a good, 19th centruy ale house (albeit dating back to the 16th Century and missing the ale, from what I could tell–but, lager suited the kebab better, anyway).  Their website does a good job with the history of the place, as well, so I won’t reprint that here.

rose and crown hemel hempstead

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