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rob roy paddington sign

I still had an hour to kill before my train so I hopped off the Tube at Edgeware Road and worked my way the few blocks to Paddington in search of one last pub. There on Star Road emerged the Rob Roy which looked suitable for purpose. Inside, the Arab barkeep acted unimpressed with the World which, from the looks of the empty (but, as I had suspected, awesome) bar, is just as unimpressed in return. I took my beverage to a stool near one of the lead-and-solder lined windows and settled into catching up on these pub reports and my trip details for work.

My beer was a Belhaven Best and it was only after the first citrus-and-brake-fluid sip that I realised I had this before at the Blackbird in the Blackbird Leys just after the Oxford Half Marathon. At the time I thought it was “off” or anyways strange at a minimum…but it was still just as odd here, like cleaning fluid from the tap lines. What do Scots know about ale? Very foul. But, I finished…as my mom always used to say, “there are alcoholics in the middle east that don’t have even shitty beer.”

rob roy paddington

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