The Red Lion, Water’s End, Hertfordshire   1 comment

red lion waters end side

The first half of the run to the Red Lion in Water End from the Martin’s Pond was on pavement and much of the next quarter was on a flat, wide verge, as well. Then, just as the road tipped downhill there was no verge at all, just steep, muddy, brambled embankment. As it was downhill and pitch dark out, I used my torch to light a way to sprint most of it and with 100-200 yard bursts (interrupted by moments clinging to shrubbery as cars passed) I eventually found the Leighton Buzzard Road a hundred meters from the pub. Invigorating.

red lion waters end beer

The Lion is a nice old coaching inn on the outside but inside has a completely modernised feel. However, unlike most of these retrofits the Red Lion’s architects made something completely modern that feels sturdy, looks pretty, and still doesn’t detract from the ancient character of the house. Well done.

They have a reputation as a pizza place and if I didn’t have so long a jog back into Hemel I would have given it a try. The wood fired pizza oven is authentic and the cooks throw dough like pros and everything smells like it should.

red lion waters end pizza fires

Sitting at the bar with my Tring Side Pocket ale I spotted Wild Turkey 101 on an upper shelf then noted that the spirits stock was absolutely grand…Patron, several craft bourbons, malt from EVERYWHERE (an intriguing Japanese beckoned, but ‘not tonight’ I wisely decided).

red lion waters end front

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