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Badly in need of food but still making good progress on the trip home, I stopped in the Prince Arthur after the detour for Cock so I could get some proper meat. An odd house, I ordered a burger against my better judgement (with regard to what atrocities the British are capable of inflicting on burgers), then dumped off my burden of baggage near a speaker playing a wonderful Indie-folk-psychedelic CD and headed for the loo.

prince arthur euston london sleazy loo

The pisser is sleazy here, and looks for all the world like a porn theatre lavvie (note, I speak of this as a former projectionist in one of the sleazier porn cinemas in 1980’s Atlanta…I lived in the unused half of the projection booth that was meant to service a second screening room which had an, ahem, accidental fire a few weeks before I showed up with a union card, a mostly clean police record, and a debt to pay the owner’s kid’s gang — I would turn the fire spigot onto the toilets for a while before setting foot into what was essentially my shower for six months).

The burger was likewise obscene, but in the best possible way. I don’t even expect my butcher to provide me beef of this high quality and it was cooked just past raw and without any rusk or other filler (granted, the North African barmaid might be a clue that the cook isn’t British, either). I’m sure I made the orgasm face more than once although I monitored it closely on the mirror across from my seat.

prince arthur euston london awaiting burger

Oh, right, I promised in the previous post that I would have something here for those who don’t like Cock. Here you go: I forgot to take the outside photos at the Prince Arthur and when I realised the fact I decided not to retrace my steps as it was raining and since I had this other fabulous business right next to where I stood:

trannie shop

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