The Flag, Watford, Hertfordshire   1 comment

flag watford sign

Leaving the Watford Junction station you can’t miss the Flag, a gigantic edifice just to the right of the exit. Walking around for the obligatory signage shot I found that it was quite a bit bigger, still. Wow.

flag watford station side

The bartender pulled a Mole’s Mole Catcher which was surprising to find (Mole’s is a small-ish Wiltshire brewer) and even more surprising at the reasonable price of £2.69. “Happy days,” said the barkeep as he returned my change and pushed the beer my way before disappearing.

The house is loud even at lunch and I bet it is absolutely rammed in the evenings. There are signs everywhere about zero-drug-tolerance and how you are subject to spot searches; but, at lunch it seems very much a business-persons pub judging from the suits everywhere. It also has some marvelous wood floors and good architectural features at every turn. Shame it is what it has become…sometimes I feel that way, too.

flag watford

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