The Paper Mill, King’s Langley, Hertfordshire   1 comment

paper mill kington langley sign

Finally, I found my way to the Paper Mill where a good NY Strip Steak, onion rings, chips and salad were soon pushed under my nose. The steak was a bit tough and occupied a lot of my thought so I never came up with a good dirty joke hook to go along with the Fuller’s Red Fox ale: I was thinking it could incorporate “it’s deep too,” or some such but I just never got motivated.

The house is fairly depressingly suburban as are the punters. Everything has the look of what Ikea must think a historic refurbishment or re-creation should be…a very flat-pack version of architecture. Had I known the dinner would be so run-of-the-mill I never would have made the run to the Mill. Oh, well, I can claim the ticket on expensives.

paper mill kington langley

Posted 2013/11/06 by Drunken Bunny in food, pubs

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