The Oddfellows Arms, Apsley, Hertfordshire   Leave a comment

oddfellows arms apsley sign

My next landmark on my trek to supper was just in front of me but I was dazzled by the bright lights of the Oddfellows and, zombielike, wandered in. This was the pub of the night, by far.

Inside I ordered up and found an inconspicuous place at the bar which was difficult since all the space anywhere near a door continued to heave with happy punters my entire visit. The bartender still made time to ask how I found myself in Hemel and tipped me off that the historical reenactment group uses my accommodations to dress before donning period dress and heading out to an annual Medieval encampment (authentic down to the foul dining and barely secure camping).

oddfellows arms apsley me

She also pointed out a little bit more of the Hemel Hempstead history prior to being re-imagined as a “New Town;” apparently on the previous day’s run, I passed some wattle-and-dob housing that is open to the public a few days per year.

Her own pub is a marvel but I get the feeling it looks older than it actually is…I would guess it is from the 1930’s but looks centuries older. It will get to be that age, though, if future staff can keep the clientele as happy as this barkeep seems to do.

oddfellows arms apsley

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