Queen’s Head, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire   1 comment

queen's head hemel hempstead sign

Heading another direction, completely, I went astray looking for a cash machine (ATM) to top up my cell phone. Far off track, I decided to continue on in the wrong direction and soon found the friendly Queen’s Head. The sign outside said there was food but the landlady put that notion out of my head.

queen's head hemel hempstead bar

I already had a cider, but if I hadn’t yet ordered I would have taken her up on the offer to bring a kebab or other takeaway back in (there are many shops adjacent to the pub).

Instead, I played along with the trivia show on tele and accepted the tip-off that the Paper Mill, further along the road (with a few turns), was good for food.

queen's head hemel hempstead

Posted 2013/11/06 by Drunken Bunny in pubs

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