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bree louise london sign


On my way to Hemel Hempstead I had to transfer from Paddington to Euston, which always puts me in the mind of “Home For a Rest.” I emerged from the Euston Square tube stop with a list of potential targets but none so compelling as the Bree Louise.

She lived up to her reputation, too, with a choice of 17 ales and 11 ciders, all with living cultures still in them and all with a 50p discount for CAMRA members (and, of course, I had my card with me, nearly 5 years in the Campaign now).

bree louise london lounge

The atmosphere was much more like that of a village pub and the house was packed at half noon on a Monday with several other people eagerly heading toward it from the station. They could do a lot worse than settling into a batch of the Whitesides cider, dry and 7.5% abv but with a sneaky character that grows on you after an initial varnish removing first couple of sips.

bree louise london bar

I had a great moment, for me, in there. Sitting at a line of tables another middle-aged dude shows up with two halves and, after a cursory glance my way and a lot of burden removal, sat down. We admired each other’s drinking stock in silence then, as he finished the darker of his two he raised an eyebrow and in one motion lifted his pack to his shoulders and caught the handle of his suitcase as it fell towards Earth then sept out the door. It was like the scene in “Ghost Dog: The Way of the Ninja” where The RZA passes Forrest Whitaker on the street and everything slows down, if they were two alcoholic and very dorky white guys.

bree louise london

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