The Dickens Tavern, Paddington, London   2 comments

dickens tavern london

We ate at Bizarro, our favourite little Italian place easy to get to near the station, but still had a while before our train and went in search of a time-killing watering hole; we found success in the form of the Dickens.

The pub is famed, it claims, as the longest pub in London and it was a small hike to the back where we found some plushly stuffed leather chairs to relax in whilst watching some Spanish football. My beverage was a Bitter and Twisted ale, a blond with American northwest hops of some variety. “How appropriate,” J remarked as is her right, duty, and habit.

She claims the women’s loo was filthy, small, and nondescript (yes, the loo, not me). I found the gents’ clean and welcoming (before my visit) and covered with framed historical prints of the neighbourhood. I don’t know if there’s anything else, really, to say.

dickens tavern london paddington station sketch

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2 responses to “The Dickens Tavern, Paddington, London

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  1.…..Smells fishy…like something you did a few years back in Tucson if I recall…I still have nightmares of keeping all those old Marines from kicking your arse

    • Ha, funny, I saw this on the front page of the Sun at the cafe on my way to work this morning and was going to dig up a photo (I think there’s one of me and Blarney Rubble with me in the Twin Towers outfit and her as Princess Die). Well spotted.

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