The Cellar, Highworth, Wiltshire   1 comment

cellar bar highworth sign


After a brief jog around Highworth followed by a kebab, a stop in the Cellar Bar seemed in order (to little time to fret the next bus and time to kill before the bus after).  I knew it was nearby, but finding it was a bit difficult — just a doorway between two other shops and some steep stairs into the darkness.

cellar bar highworth  cellar bar highworth tranny manikin

Down below I found a friendly group of middle-aged regulars watching bad movies on tele (I think it was The Phantom) whilst listening to psychedelic music on the tannoy.  Mostly lager on tap, I opted for a Black Rat Cider (always a favourite) and wandered about the small, dark venue.  A brief and very one-sided conversation with the transvestite revealed that she was a manikin and I thought it best, at that point, to find a comfy seat and watch the goofy movie.

cellar bar highworth cider


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