The Old Nelson, Stroud, Gloucestershire   2 comments

old nelson stroud sign

Leaving the Stroud Half Marathon with a crowd I opted to follow a side trail beside a stream and emerged by a massive pub/restaurant. Result!

The Old Nelson is a fortress of Cotswold stone a few hundred meters out of the town centre and was packing in a lunch crowd. I avoided the seating queue and snuck through to the bar and got a lager then headed back out to the garden (too humid and warm inside). It doesn’t look like the sort of place I would want to hang out in even if it was a proper pub: a bit suburban and self-conscious but not really self-aware.

As I left the spreading willow under which I had been sitting, a crowd of race participants arrived wearing their medals. The youngest must have been 45 years old. Wearing participant medals. Middle aged. The Nelson is probably right for them.

old nelson stroud

Posted 2013/10/28 by Drunken Bunny in pubs

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