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lord john stroud

The Lord John is another of those Wetherspoon’s pubs in a beautifully preserved old building. Named for Lord John Russell, a colourful two-time 19th century Prime Minister whose constituency was in Stroud, there is an air of the era in the decor and layout of the house.

In addition to the historical attractions, the current version of the Wetherspoon’s Ale Festival was on so there were multitudes of interesting beers at cheap rates–Caledonian Poltergeist Porter for me: dark brown, full-bodied, smoky with a distinctly chocolate flavour. Yum.

lord john stroud interior


I wasn’t familiar with Russell before this visit but he formed his first government at about the same time as the Potato Famine started (which everyone is familiar with) and had as Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston, a 100% certifiably cuckoo (or perhaps I’m being a bit harsh: Palmerston built those fantastic structures in the Solent to fend off the invasion of Napoleon III, and Napoleon III still hasn’t invaded).

lord john stroud story

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