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relatively sober for october

Signage exhorting the passing reader to stay “Sober For October” began to appear on the sides of bins in the Swindon town centre and on the Penhill estates. Here are some mistakes built into that sentence:

1) Swindonians can be leaning against a bin and still toss their rubbish on the ground. Bins are invisible to them. By extension, this is the WORST place for a public service advert.

2) Baby steps, darlings: maybe “sober for breakfast” or “sober for Magistrates Court” might be a better start to the campaign.

3) Readers? In Penhill? Oh, I crack me up. (Hey, they might get insulted by this over there…so please don’t any of you lot go over there reading this to them.)

Coming off my holidays it was actually about time for us to dry out a little and we thought we’d have a go at the spirit, if not the letter, of the theme. But, we’re only human…and it’s the Major League Baseball playoffs (and soon the World Series). We’ll ease up a little but have to keep lubricated going into the “Bender For November.”


And, before any of you lot go calling baseball “rounders,” remember that football (or soccer) is only in the States to give the girls a sport to play as a result of the Title IX rulings a few years ago.

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