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drunke chef thame google map

The Drunken Chef, 1 Pump Lane, Thame

Our first house in England was at 1 Pump Lane, Stretham, the second oldest structure in the village (only predated by the barely standing vicarage built by Christopher Wren for his sister and brother-in-law).  The house gave its name to this blog.  But, sadly my job moved to Oxford from Cambridge and we moved to a small house in Bicester, not too far from Thame.

I have only visited Thame once (for a race after a night of boozing and that required a few tactical chunders before the start) and noted that it was full of pubs and worth one or more trips.  What I didn’t notice was that it also has a Pump Lane and the business at #1 is named The Drunken Chef.  Spooky.  A trip to Thame must be scheduled this fall….

[I found this while googling “port” and “1pumplane” to see if I had covered the beverage in the past.]

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