Monstrous Erection Sloe Gin   5 comments

Monstrous Erection Sloe Gin 2013 label

The latest addition to the Drunken Bunny Liqueurs stockpile is a Monstrous Erection (taking its name from a contemporary description of the Faringdon Folly — known then as “Lord Berner’s Monstrous Erection” — near which I picked the berries last Halloween).  Patience paid off with two liters of deeply coloured wonder.

HESG bottled

The original post on this batch suggested I might hold out till Christmas but the first frost could happen soon and I want to hit my newly located stash while the ice is still on them so I really needed the jug emptied.  Still, the especially long steep suggested by Eammon (a colleague at the labs) was the right choice — the cheap gin extracted the pulp, skins, and pips to yield a complex and smooth mixture of spice, berry, tannin, and vanilla at approximately 80 proof.  Precisely what I hoped for lo those many months ago.

HESG test

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