Bourbon Cherries and Chocolate Ice Cream   3 comments

chocolate cherries bourbon yum

This is an elegant dessert I prepared as a homework assignment for the instructresses over at School House Booze.

Step One involves preparing the Bourbon Cherries, a process I wrote about earlier this month; essentially, you pierce some cherries and cover them with bourbon for 6 weeks.

Step Two is critical.  You have to drain the excess bourbon from the fruit.  This supernatant should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, a service me and Jackie are glad to provide (we have some experience in these matters).

bourbon cherries start    bourbon cherries finish

Step Three involves removing the pits.  You don’t have to do this but the cherries are now about 30% bourbon and you could open yourself to a lawsuit or, at a minimum, a trip to the dentist if you don’t.  A little of the flesh will remain on the pits and should be sucked away before discarding.

Now, the hard part…Step Four: scoop up some ice cream (vanilla works well, but we went for dark chocolate with milk chocolate that had white chocolate shavings in it).  Sprinkle liberally with cherries.  Drink…I mean, eat.

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