Mission to Lars and the Barrister of Athens   Leave a comment


A former friend of mine had a genetic condition known as 47.XYY in which an extra Y-chromosome exists (thus the designation 47 as opposed to 46, the normal number of chromosomes).  This may or may not have contributed to his sociopathy, overt racism, his Aspergers-like lack of empathy for others, criminal tendancies, violence and, worst of all, his dreadful table manners.  He eventually found professional outlets for these by earning a law degree and becoming a slumlord in Athens, Georgia (although on several occasions he has had major brushes with the law losing his license to practice due to defrauding a vulnerable client and being investigated for threats against a District Attorney).

I thought of this turd while watching the wonderfully uplifting documentary, Mission to Lars, about a pair of siblings taking their brother with Fragile X (a genetic condition with much more severe symptoms) on a trip to see his hero Lars Ulrich (the drummer for Metallica).  The herculean efforts just in transporting Tom, the focus of the film, to the States from here are worth the entire time spent watching the film and the tension builds to an unexpected pay-off albeit it precisely what was promised from the start.  It avoids most of the obvious clichés  and shatters some stereotypes.  For instance, yes, the fans ALL throw the two-fingered rock horns but then Lars comes out looking like Disco Stu without the bling.  A very pleasant show.


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