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GHad brush


The newest addition to the G-Had arsenal (remember, we put the arse in arsenal) is the whisk broom.  Handy when trail is found but you don’t have any flour or the area is too crowded to risk adding decorations to the trail…no one complains when you appear to be tidying up and most will just think you mad and give a wide berth.  Fresh blobs can be made into X’s (most kennels use these to mark a trail false), straight lines (Bicester HHH‘s version) or, as in the photo, a T.  The penis shaped end is good for dislodging solidified blobs prelaid in the mists of time.  And, the retro design is fantastic (found this next to a skip on the Oxford University campus).  On-on.

Posted 2013/09/26 by Drunken Bunny in hashing

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