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cherry clarkes small

Dessert beverages for Autumn start with this delightful cherry bourbon.  The recipes I trust most do not prescribe sugar, but I opted to start with 1 cup for 1.4 liters of bourbon as we are only using this for desserts or for glazing a roasted bird.

cherry bourbon 1 sugar

The sugar was followed by 4 cups of black cherries:

cherry bourbon 2 cherries

These are sliced on one side as deep as the pit, which is left in to steep with the rest of the fruit.

cherry bourbon 3 cherry carnage

Then, the bourbon (two lovely bottles of Clarkes) is poured on.  This is shaken every day or two for 6½ weeks…this batch was started 10 August and steeped until 25 September.

cherry bourbon 4 bourbon

At the end of the steep, the liqueur is strained and filtered.  The fruit, now quite alcoholic, can be pitted and used in other concoctions.  I plan to put some into softened ice cream and made a boozy batch of cherry yogurt out of the rest.

The cherries partitioned for for freezing and future use (found the bottle in a charity shop a few weeks ago)

The cherries partitioned for freezing and future use (found the bottle in a charity shop a few weeks ago)

cherry bourbon colour

The colour is grand, the flavour nearly perfect

cherry bourbon at bath time

4 responses to “Cherry Bourbon

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  1. Wow-za! Mister is most intrigued and admires your commitment to recipes that take weeks. I am most interested in drunken ice cream…

  2. Awesome! We’ll definitely have to try that.

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