The New Inn (Hotel), Gloucester   Leave a comment

new inn gloucester square

We’ve visited the New Inn for beverages in the past but due to a night-time race I signed up for (the “Beat the Bore at Night”) we needed a room and decided to give this place a shot.  I guess I’ll start with the good, first.

new inn gloucester room

The room was huge (about 350 square feet including a bathroom as large as many hotel rooms we’ve had in the past).  The atmosphere was fantastic, too, as the house was built around 1430 as a hostel for pilgrims to Gloucester Cathedral which we could see from the front windows.

new inn gloucester room view

Legend has it that Lady Jane Grey was staying here when she was proclaimed queen (which lasted for a week and a half).  More likely, it was an adviser that stayed there but it still is a cheap thrill that the building was in use before Christopher Columbus was even born.

new inn gloucester cathedral

That may be the last time they cleaned the shower, as well…the mould appears to have been around for a while, anyways.  The carpet was in pretty good shape despite being absolutely filthy (an occasional cleaning wouldn’t hurt, but it hasn’t been done in recent days, at least).  It was strange, considering there was no dust to be found on the tops of the large furnishings.

new inn gloucester mould

It was nice for Jackie that there was a hair dryer there, except that most of the air blew out through the hose that has long ago needed a replacement:

new inn gloucester hair dryer

Personally, I wouldn’t stay here again but I would recommend it for a history or architecture buff (one of the best medieval courtyards I have ever seen).  The pub is great and had a good boogie-woogie band Friday night.  Stay for a night, for sure, but if your visit to Gloucester is longer then plan on a nicer place for the rest of the trip.

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