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crown aldbourne

I approached the Crown 2 minutes before opening time having changed to a dry shirt after the Aldbourne 10K and taking a cool-down jog past the Tardis bin (to throw away a banana peel). To the left of the front door I spotted the Dalek bin mentioned by the landlord of the Blue Boar, last year. It looked great.

However, the real star over here has to be the pub. As I headed in, a local stopped me to make the case for the village as the best one in Southern England, nay, all of Britain. He seemed almost disappointed that I already knew the trivia he tried to share (he has only lived here 6 months), but he also seemed really pleased that I had travelled out of my way to visit the village (more than once). In the pub, he pointed out a Blues jam happening there later in the evening, but as I had a bus to catch 5 miles away I had to bid farewell to him and the 5 or 6 others already swarmed ’round the taps.

An elderly woman was coming in as I reached the door. “Oh, what’s this? There’s no one here!”

Sweeping my arm the length of my now-stripped-down-for-the-return-run body, I said, “I beg your pardon, madam.”

“Hooray!” came the response from the barflies. Cool house.

crown aldbourne beers

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