Aldbourne 10K, 2013-09-15   3 comments

dalek bin aldbourne

I returned to the Dr. Who/Band-of-Brothers theme park that is Aldbourne for its running club’s annual 10K race but was also eager to see if the Dalek Bin, a companion to the Tardis Bin spotted last year was finished (and as you can see, it is–“Exterminate Rubbish”).

There’s no Sunday bus service to Aldbourne so I caught the one that got nearest to the village, the #5 with a stop about 5 miles away in Ogbourne Saint George. Not at all afraid of a 5 mile warm-up run I really hadn’t considered that it includes a steep climb near the start (about 120 meters high over about a quarter mile). Still, it was scenic and there were pubs to add to the list at each end and an alternative return route (with an even steeper fall-off toward the Ogbourne end) and what-the-hell, eh?

aldbourne 10k commute from ogbourne

It was damp and cool throughout (41 deg F/5 deg C when I left the house) and the wind built up to 20 mph steady with blessedly few gusts. The drizzle at registration ceased and held off for the duration, though, and there was even some sunshine afterwards (although I squandered this smidgeon of nice weather sitting in the Crown).

aldbourne 10k registration

The race route was very pleasant and there were very few participants so little jockeying for position. After we headed for the hills the stratification was nearly complete and the only runner to pass me did so twice–I overtook once as he retied a shoe and then, after he pursued and passed me in a wood at about the 8 K mark he lost his legs on the final 200 meter grassy bit. Too bad, he showed a lot of heart and racing position doesn’t matter to me as net time.  He might have broken 46 minutes…he wasn’t too far behind me. [Update: 9th out of 41 overall; 3rd in age group.]

aldbourne 10k route

Good organisation, small crowd, pretty scenery. One of the better events of its kind.

aldbourne 10k competitor

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