Pewsey Vale Half Marathon 2013-08-25   4 comments

pewsey vale half marathon map

The Seven Stars, just before mile 10, never returned my email request for info vis: if they would open early for the Pewsey Vale Half Marathon.  Their posted Sunday hours are Noon till 3pm, but with the special event and the Bank Holiday Weekend changing opening times at many other pubs, it seemed worth asking; I expected to pass by sometime between 11:35 and 11:50 but didn’t fancy waiting 15-30 minutes mid-effort when they might not even open on time (and, in fact, I passed at 11:45).  Besides, there were other pubs (the Cooper’s Arms and the French Horn) to try post-race back in Pewsey and the general opinion at the race start was that I really wasn’t missing much.  Still, the Stars was another box to tick…some other time, I reckoned.

pvhm 7 stars


Once finished, I dashed straight to the bag drop and shed my soaked clothing — I sweat like a heavy drinker on these things — and slipped into some dry stuff to continue my run with a stop or two at pubs that ARE open:

pvhm post-race pub map

Post-race trot to the Cooper’s Arms and, subsequently, to the French Horn

Overall, though, it was a pleasant jog.  I don’t really race, anymore, but a properly marshalled course is a real pleasure and there were dozens of competent and supportive volunteers at this spectacular course.  The weather behaved (there was a threat of rain the duration) and the folks I chatted with along the way were nice enough.  No one in my slow grouping really jockeyed for position.  Well-done, Pewsey Vale Running Club.  I averaged 7m 27s per mile…a bit slow but it was fairly social.

The shirt is nicer than most and will probably get some use the next couple of years.

The shirt is nicer than most and will probably get some use the next couple of years.

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