G-Had HHH #11 (or 14.2 mile Sunday Morning Run)   1 comment

2013-08-04 morning run ghad 11

With a Worldwide Terror Alert in place over the weekend and a Blues, Beer, and Cider Festival full of drink to sweat out from the day before, I took action.  Warming up over the first mile (a steep climb down Kingshill)), the trail followed cycle paths out to the M4 motorway then sought a turn toward Lydiard Park where the most recent G-Had was due to take place.  The slight detour after a dead-end in an industrial park required about ¼ mile on the verge of the A3102 but the reward was a couple of miles of trail through tall corn and other agricultural vegetation that helped shield the G-Hadist from the wind.

Lydiard Park is this huge manor farm open to the public.  It is always a pleasant place to put in some mileage with footpaths criss-crossing the grounds and longer, public paths entering and exiting the site from several directions.  By the time the G-Had load was in place, however, the weather was turning and it seemed prudent to head back toward the lair via the cycle and rail paths through the West Leaze and the Sleaze with just a brief stop for some milk and the Sunday paper.  2 hours, 14.2 miles, and a bit of trail marked for the cause…and it was still only 11 am.

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