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new inn gloucester sign

Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 14-hundred and 92…and the New Inn was in its 5th decade already.  The New Inn should be visited any time you travel to Gloucester.  It is ancient, professional, and atmospheric.  It was a pilgrims hostelry in the 15th century (there’s a fantastic shrine to Edward II in the Cathedral across the way), and the first tennis court in Gloucester was on the site during this time (try and reconcile those two things, why don’t you).

new inn gloucester street entrance

We entered off the main, pedestrianized street (Northgate) and spotted the small plaque (bottom right of the above picture) that informed us about Lady Jane Grey’s ascendency to the crown.  It is claimed that she has haunted the place since her beheading in 1554.

new inn gloucester plaque queen jane grey

The pub is more than the bars (two in the Old Tap and another wine bar), a restaurant, a coffee shop, and the inn (all respectfully restored and maintained).  Inside the Old Tap, the bars are archaic bits of darkened lumber but we took our beverages out to the courtyard which was lively and allowed a bit of fresh air.

new inn gloucester bar sign

Next trip up, we plan to stay here.

new inn gloucester courtyard

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