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It has been a while since I bothered with a recipe, here, so here goes.  Our stove is shit for frying so I’ve developed an alternative version of chiles rellenos that works pretty well.

Chop an onion and a shitload of garlic (six or eight large cloves) and slowly sweat them with a little salt and olive oil.  Meanwhile, brown some minced beef with a spoonful or so of the reserved onion and garlic.  Once the onion goes clear-ish, add some canned tomatoes, cumin, chili powder (I use dark paprika over here, which is essentially like American chili powder) and a little fresh oregano AND dust the meat with the same spices and some cayenne. Bring this to a simmer for about fifteen minutes with the aim of making something like a passata but without straining it — it should still have the texture of the tomatoes.  For this batch I actually added a batch of leftover passata which resulted in far more sauce than is advisable but the result is yummy no matter what you do to it.

chiles rellenos 01 meat and onions  chiles rellenos 03 passata and filling nearly done

I had no poblanos, so I gathered a bunch of bell peppers and blackened them.  They would work fried as well but the shape of the poblano is more suited to the traditional chile relleno.  Had I been barbecuing something I would have done this step on the BBQ but the broiler/grill of the oven is just fine.  Once blackened, set them aside for awhile and they will cool and collapse and become easier to work.

chiles rellenos 04 scorched peppers

This is where it starts looking like lasagne.  Pour the lumpy passata in an acid proof baking pan. Peel the skin off the peppers and do a half-assed job of removing the seeds; if these were REAL rellenos you would want to be careful not to split them for stuffing but in this case unfolding is essential…cover the sauce with the blistered fruit.  Add some cheese (queso fresco in the States would be great but sharp cheddar is fine; here I am using Red Leicester).  Spread the meat and cover with some more cheese.

The next bit is inspired and absolutely necessary.  Take 8 eggs and whisk till frothy then whisk in 1/4 cup of flour and a spoonful of baking powder and a little salt; beat until smooth then continue just until it starts to get a bit bubbly.  Pour this so it runs down into the cheese and meat.  For this batch, which came out pretty good, I cut the batter in half due to the large volume of sauce but I have used as many as 12 eggs in the past to make things come out in slices.

Jackie doesn’t like hot chillies, so I add mine to the top but they could get cooked into the sauce or the meat just as easily.

chiles rellenos 05 chiles layer  chiles rellenos 06 over chiles  chiles rellenos 07 meat layer  chiles rellenos 08 batter and more red leicester  chiles rellenos 09 spicy for me

Bake at 350°F/175°C until the sauce spews from the solidified crust.  Eat until you think you are going to spew your own self.

chiles rellenos 10 baked

This batch came out brown and tempting as you can see above and as seen from the side (below).  Normally the batter penetrates farther and holds it together better but I went sauce mad.

chiles rellenos 11 from side

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