Tourism on the Run, Burbage to Pewsey   1 comment

church milton lilbourne 2

The run from Stibb Green above Burbage to the start of the Great Bustard 5 allowed me log four new pubs and 7½ extra miles but it also let me see a bit of the village and town scenery along the way.  For instance, this church in Milton Lilbourne emerged soon after the Bruce Arms.  The door was locked so I looked around the grounds noting the yard was raised by using old tombstones as a garden wall:

church milton lilbourne 1

Down a narrow path a few tens-of-meters, the cemetery emerges on the edge of a wood.  Some of the grave markers (foreground) are carved into boulders:

cemetery milton lilbourne

In Pewsey, the mighty River Avon is fairly small and courses beneath this house:

river avon pewsey


A block or so away stand the statue of Alfred the Great who repelled the Danes in the area a while back.  The monument was erected for George V:

alfred the great pewsey

I lament the passing of the pub on a regular basis in these pages but it is especially sad to see a great building go disused, as well.  Such is the double tragedy of the Greyhound, a cavernous house with the five-pump bar standing forlorn at the roadside.

greyhound (closed) pewsey

On the side of the pub sits an announcements board, but rather than let it go disused someone in town updates it on a regular basis (a couple of guys I met on my way to the Crown say it is worth a stop by every Saturday to catch up on “the news”):

greyhound (closed) pewsey sign

Pewsey is full of fat people…not all of them are, but enough that authorities deemed this necessary to attach to a public wall:

pewsey street side defibrillator

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