Crown Inn, Pewsey, Wiltshire   6 comments

←Continuing on from the Moonrakers:

crown inn pewsey sign

The race (Great Bustard 5 Mile) was still forty minutes away as I topped the hill by the Crown, so it seemed a good idea, etc.  No pavements (sidewalks in American), but no traffic meant the lovely flowers overhung the street.

crown inn pewsey flowers

Filthy from the trails, I entered toward the Public Bar but a glance into the Lounge showed no life at all.  However, I spotted Black Rat cider on one of the taps in there and ordered one from the chubby barman who seemed bewildered that I knew it was on offer.  Unlikely to find interesting conversation with him, I headed out.

crown inn pewsey black rat

Several couples and a pair of dudes came out while I sat at the large table; some looked longingly at the spare seats, and others glared that I sat at a whole table by myself but none took up my invitation to fill any of the empty seats.  Fuck ’em.  Next stop, the Great Bustard 5 Miles….

crown inn pewsey

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