Three Horseshoes, Stibb Green (Burbage). Wiltshire   4 comments

three horseshoes stibb green sign

Just plain awesome.  Walking into the bar of the Three Horseshoes a half hour after opening time there is already a couple being served lunch, another two couples in the garden with drinks, more in the lounge and a friendly and helpful bartender.  All bodes well for the cross-country jog and pub crawl I have planned ahead of the Great Bustard 5 Mile Race over in Pewsey later in the afternoon.

three horseshoes stibb green lounge

Also a good sign (no pun intended), is the abundance of railroad memorabilia.  Walking around with my Corvus Stout (the Wadworth Breweries fine chocolate of beer), I soon realised the theme was everywhere:

three horseshoes stibb green garden

There are some awesome artifacts around the garden area like these obsolete signs:

three horseshoes stibb green rail sign 2  three horseshoes stibb green rail sign 1

and this old station lamp:

three horseshoes stibb green rail lamp

The one minor deference to the middle class influx of the area seemed to be the potpourri in the loo (noted whilst changing into my running gear).

three horseshoes stibb green loo

The earlier chat with the landlord was pretty useful in that he approved of the route I took and loves the “Brucie’s” where I planned to stop midway; he grimaced when I said I was going to try out the Moonrakers in Pewsey before the race and gave me a couple of options he preferred (a “tad more civilised”) but all this did was ensure my planned path.  Next up was the run to the Bruce Arms….

three horseshoes stibb green

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