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2013-07-06 us ryde near pier

Having bailed on the Royal Dockyards, we caught the ferry off the big island and soon found ourselves in Ryde (set your watches back to 1979 before disembarking).  The town was charming, slow, and we will be visiting again soon.

ryde ferry pier

The boardwalk from the ferry landing/train station is shared by the roadway but you can see the beams for the old boardwalk just over the rail and they might be slated for replacement.  The traffic is minimal, though, and this set-up suits the pedestrian situation.

naughty postcard shop in ryde

A couple of years ago we saw a documentary about the raid on the souvenir stand noted above.  The double entendres enshrined on these cards are mild by modern standards and not too bad for a country digging itself out of the rubble of WWII but, the British being the funny lot they are, the obscenity trial went ahead with the logical conclusion that a museum was eventually opened to the genre of interest.  It was already closed for the day by the time we found it, but the museum is on the short list for our next visit.

crabs ryde beach

The beach was very clean for the couple of miles we searched for souvenirs.  I found a golf ball, a cuttlefish bone, and some pretty shells all of which I left behind (along with the nearly microscopic crabs dwelling under some driftwood that needed some more years in the sea to be interesting.

There was also a Victorian arcade with some nifty shops of antiquarian shit and a local museum.  There was also a magnificent dome in the centre of the structure which was closing as I took the photos that went into the mosaic below:

ryde victorian arcade roof

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