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bold forester southsea sign

After the long journey to Portsmouth we walked to Southsea with the intention of grabbing a meal and margarita at the seaside but found the pickings nonexistent.  The sun was out and it was seasonably warm and we had three hours to kill before the B&B check-in so we went on a forage and eventually found the food-and-bar-rich Albert Road.  Not in the mood for curry or fish and chips, we ducked into the first pub that looked busy and had food on offer, the Bold Forester.

bold forester southsea garden

Mid-afternoon and there were a dozen around the bar and the patio was heaving.  The staff was incredibly friendly and found us a shady spot out there and made helpful money saving suggestions on the order (two glasses of wine gets you the bottle, burger/chips/beer is only a pound more than burger-only, etc).  AND, as the already drunk table of blokes that went through 6 more rounds during our stay would tell you…it’s Party Time):

bold forester southsea party time

I think the denizens of the Meet Rack in Tucson might fit in here, well enough…Party Time, indeed.

My only complaint is that it is a lager bar, and it really isn’t a valid complaint as there is a magnificent alehouse just across Albert Road.  Hungry alcoholics, however, will enjoy a stop by the Bold Forester.

bold forester southsea

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