Flavour Cafe, Kidlington, Oxfordshire (kpw* for Week 27)   1 comment

[*kpw = kebab per week for 2013, as noted in an earlier post and the 30th entry for the 2013 Challenge]

flavour cafe kidlington kebab

The lunchtime run was 10.4 miles due to a particularly slow forensic recovery of data from a failed disk (since it was going to run two hours, I reckoned I could run 1:45 plus time for a bite to eat).  At my turnaround point in Kidlington, my first choice was the Rainbow Takeaway on the High Street but they only had chicken kebabs available (doing a lot of expensive sandwiches, instead).  Asking where I might get lamb dôner in town the owner replied that nowhere was going to serve that at lunch.  Fifty feet away in the secluded mall adjacent I spotted the Flavour Cafe with traditional dôner kebabs for £4.80.

flavour cafe kidlington funkee monkee

It took awhile for the owner to put the repast together, heating the leftover bits on a griddle and lovingly assembling the mound.  I thought about Public Enemy due to the name of the place and my desire to see their middle eastern version of Flavour Flav come out and apologise that “it’s going to take fifteen minutes, boi!” but, in fact, they were perfectly lovely.  As if trying to force the goofy analogy, a box of Funkee Monkee reminded me of the Beastie Boys (running with the Kimchee Hash, I learned of Funky Monkeys wherein you open a 40 of malt liquor, drink half of it in one go and top off the bottle with orange juice…but I think this stuff in the box was different).

Oh, RIGHT, the food…spectacular if a bit salty.  Well worth the extra quid over traditional kebab house prices and worth the wait.  The thing weighed about a pound and a half and the veg and sauce were awesome and the meat was garlic-rich and the sort of gamey that lets you know the lamb might be closer to mutton but is definitely derived from sheep.  Definitely worth seeking out.

flavour cafe kidlington

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