Wyld Wood Pear Cider   2 comments

wyld wood pear cider

Sunday’s weather was the closest thing to ‘summery’ we’ve had since last September.  Along with some overdue gardening, we enjoyed some refreshing summer beverages in the sun; specifically, we had a few pear ciders on ice.

The ice wasn’t really necessary but as it melted the peary of the moment, a Weston’s Wyld Wood, diluted and became a bit less viscous.  There was a good pear flavour but an almost cloying sweetness and density more suited to cooking than quaffing.  I also like mine a bit less yellow…Jackie thinks I was being a bit picky, but we did finish the batch.

Posted 2013/07/01 by Drunken Bunny in beer reviews, food

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2 responses to “Wyld Wood Pear Cider

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  1. Cider is always a good choice for Glasto weekend.
    You should try the Brothers Cider.

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