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broadways pub didcot

Just down the street from Istanbul Kebab House–far enough to finish the delightful kebab treat and realise how thirsty I was–I found the Broadways Pub.  Praise be to the gods, I thought; this foul meal can at last be cleansed from my palate!

It was Wednesday at 7:45 pm and Fosters was on the advertised price of £2.60 per pint (according to the pub website).  I was charged £3.35 and told that promotion was over.  The huge house was nearly empty…what a fucking surprise.

The note that it improves with every visit is hard can THAT be?

The note that it improves with every visit is amusing…how hard can THAT be?

I found a copy of the Telegraph and settled into a puzzle and furtive, pervy glances at Camilla Giorgi sweating on the grass courts at Wimbledon.  Not my favourite pub but adequate for this, I reckon.

broadways pub didcot fosters and women's tennis


Update 18:25 on 27 June 2013:  This doesn’t get my good will (or my 75p) back but it will stop subsequent misunderstandings:

broadways facebook response

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