Broad Town Five, 15 June 2013   4 comments

broad town 5 shirt

Planned a run today, anyway, but there was also the Broad Town 5 mile race the start of which was 3.2 miles from a bus stop in Wootton Bassett so I signed on for it.  This was the first race I’ve been in since the London Marathon a little over a year ago as well as the first since I entered the 50-59 age group–which the running club sponsoring the event calls “Super Veterans.”  Yikes…I really am old, but at least I’m not in the 60 and older group, which they refer to as “the Poor Dears, Bless ‘Em.”  Don’t ask me my t-shirt size, fer fuck sake, just see if I have a favourite hymn I’d like played in the unfortunate but inevitable case, etc.

broad town 5 race hq

The jog to the race HQ was in a steady and drenching rain and included a steep downhill start from RWB and then a relatively flat bit out to Broad Town School.  Assuming the rain would continue , I stayed in the wet kit and stashed my bag with the organisers and took shelter with a bunch of club runners under a marquee (it was also the day of the School Fête).  Five minutes before the start, the clouds dissipated and the sun broke through along with some blue sky.

broad town 5 to the start

The race didn’t have a big timing clock and the starter was a guy hollering “mark-set-go” as a single word before anyone could really jockey for position on the line.  There were probably 150 of us so the normal crowding in the first mile was minimal.  Except for the strong winds (20 mph steady, 40 mph gusts), the conditions were perfect.

Start in view of the Broad Hinton White Horse

Start in view of the Broad Hinton White Horse

I would have been happy to break forty minutes on this loop (I stopped timing my runs a couple of years ago, so really didn’t have a metric on my capabilities).  At the 4 mile marker my watch showed 30 minutes and I felt pretty good; the crest of the dreaded hill (not much to speak of, really) was just a few dozen yards away so I decided to blow out the last mile at as high a pace as I felt I could maintain…just about 6 minutes for the last bit, passing a bunch of wheezing folk along the way.  Without a clock or anyone calling finishing times at the end, I have to guess–for now–that my watch is correct: more than 36 minutes but nowhere near 37 [36:38 officially, and 32nd of 153 finishers so not too bad].

After a 5 minute break to stretch a hamstring cramp, I found my way out of the Fête and got back on the road to Wootton Bassett just as the rain resumed, stopping at Oscar’s Grill and the Phoenex [sic] Bar for well earned snacks and a beer.  Roughly 12 miles on the day and a successful race showing in the grandpa division.

broad town 5 histogram

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