The Plough Inn, Wheatley, Oxfordshire   1 comment

plough wheatley sign

The run from the Plough in Great Haseley went past the Black Bull in Great Milton (which was closed) via some lovely paths through fields. From there, the trail was a busy, narrow track with high hedges at the verges–harrowing, no pun intended as I soon found myself at yet another Plough, this one in Wheatley.

And, lo-and-behold, they had XT beer on tap as well. This time it was a 6, deep ruby in colour and with a flavour evoking burnt chestnuts…much nicer than the 4 I had at the other Plough.

plough wheatley thirsty g-hadist

Running between pubs is thirsty work

This one reopened since the last time I passed through and it appears to be a fairly modern restaurant inside the ancient walls. Too swank for my sweaty ass, I politely retired to the garden to reflect on my runs.

plough wheatley

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