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The fireplaces in our house are not usable (chimneys are sealed).  The one in the dining area is particularly large and we decided to use it for storage but needed a way to cover it.

step 1 raw materials

First, we gathered our materials: a saw, tape measure, some lumber, a painting canvas slightly larger than the 1.2 m X 0.9 m opening, four pints of Fosters lager, and a roll of wallpaper.

step 2 braces mounted

The canvas has to stand free so some braces were fashioned and screwed into place.

step 3 mount wallpaper

Not beautiful, but functional…and better than I hoped.

step 4 cover fireplace

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2 responses to “Fireplace cover

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  1. Interesting. I have a large fireplace in my house in Gorse Hill in what’s now the living room, but when the house was originally built would have been the kitchen. The previous owners put a large wooden mantel around it but it still leaves a gapping black ugly hole.
    My solution was to find some small “nickel” cloak hooks from B&Q and fit them either side on the wooden sides of the mantel, then use a black metal adjustable curtain rail from Wilkinson and a short brown curtain that had been purchased from the reduced rail from Paul Simon on Greenbridge trading estate.

    • That’s good, too. Looking for some screening material (as it is called in the States but around here it appears to be referred to as wire cloth) for a slightly different cover of the living room ex-fireplace. Jackie wants to do some metal work to look like plants and mount on this, while I figure I could put stereo equipment behing this which could still pick up the IR remote control signals.

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