The White Swan, Trowbridge, Wiltshire   1 comment

white swan trowbridge sign

Completely off my tits at this point (counting backwards to the start of the day, this was my 11th pub stop), I got one more cider and took a quiet seat near the window.  This seemed like a serious drinkers’ bar or at least it was populated by some severely drunk folk (mea culpa).

white swan trowbridge pinball and football

I had not lifted a cool souvenir yet (there was a camera pointed at the antique skittle pins in the window at the Bell, earlier), so I scoured the room for something that would fit in my bag.  They were using the billiards table (and my collection of cue balls is substantial already) but with my change into dry clothing there was enough room for one of the items, above, in my pack (hint: it isn’t the pinball machine although it is doubtful anyone would have noticed me dragging it down the pavement).  Good pub.

white swan trowbridge

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