The Ship Inn, Trowbridge, Wiltshire   1 comment

ship inn trowbridge sign

About a quarter-mile away from the Anchor and Hope I passed, then doubled back into, the Ship Inn, a massive building with a surprisingly cozy bar.   I waited for the awkward school girls to cross the street before snapping the photo but should have left them in (quite goofy looking).

ship inn trowbridge art and sign

“Wine, the classy way to get shitfaced!” Classy, indeed.

Sticking to the mostly cider theme of the day I had yet another Thatcher’s and listened to the couple of old dudes down the end of the bar trade solutions to the crossword they were working.  The barmaid quizzed me on Georgia and Arizona and winced when I said we were living in Swindon because it was so cheap; “really?  It’s much cheaper here, mate.”  She also does shifts at the Anchor and Hope and either is worth a visit for that feature alone.

ship inn trowbridge

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