The King’s Arms, Trowbridge, Wiltshire   1 comment

kings arms trowbridge sign

Eight pubs, eight pints and about 13 miles into the day’s effort (I got, erm, ‘lost’ on my way to the town centre from the Ship), I was closed to famished and soaked through to the bones.  I needed a dry place to change into my dry clothing and the King’s Arms seemed to suit the bill.  I couldn’t very well go in just for that so I had a Rite Flanker by Wickwar (very floral hops in this delight) which I now think had a rugby theme (Right Flanker) but at first thought it was a play on Right Wanker.

There is a pub map of Bath that is designed like the London Underground map on the wall nearest the bar and front door.  I can kick myself for not having the presence of mind to take a photograph but also am fairly proud that I DID have the presence of mind NOT to just tuck it under my arm and walk out with it.

kings arms trowbridge

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