The Rose and Crown, Charlbury, Oxfordshire   1 comment

rose and crown charlbury sign

I spotted the Oxford HHH hare at the train station and decided to crash the party (who’s the hare, now?).   Stealthily avoiding recognition I sped up to the appointed start, the Rose and Crown, and grabbed a delicious Wye Valley Brewery Slater, floral and astringent and simply perfect.  I awaited my unwitting tracker expecting him to dump off his trail marking gear and got lost in the Tom Waits album playing over the loudspeakers.

rose and crown charlbury lounge

He never arrived so I whipped out into the rain to try to find another pub around the nearby Cornbury Park (actually the grounds of a stately home).  I also never found any of his pre-laid trail, which made this less of a G-Had HHH trip than I hoped for but they can’t all be great.  The pub, though, was top-notch.

rose and crown charlbury

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