The Red Lion, Woolverton, Somerset   1 comment

red lion woolverton sign

I thought the Red Lion would be open at 11 and so was disappointed to find the hours posted as 11:30 on a handwritten back of a cardboard box.  I had blown past a couple of pubs that WERE open thinking, hey, let’s get to the turnaround point on this trek then settle into drinking at every stop on the way back…since it looked like it was going to pour rain at any moment.  Best laid plans being what they are, I settled into some more of the Bob-fest on a picnic table and waited out the storm or the doors, whichever would be first.

Inside at last, the place filled quickly with diners and the professional wait staff were all a-flutter (some literally).  I took my Thatcher’s Cider to a quiet end of the bar and listened to the Sinatra they had on and rather enjoyed the surroundings for this little break.  Later, I would pay for the dalliance but overall it was worth the wait and the wet.

red lion woolverton

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