The Bell Inn, Rode, Somerset   1 comment

bell inn rode sign

Just out on the highway down the Church Street from the Cross Keys sits the Bell Inn, ancient and furnished with, if modern, wooden tables that look worn with age.  It was also just across from my off-road trail so a perfect place to stop in for another quick one (slower and slower though these seemed to become).  I also intended to come in and ask why they had the Liberty Bell on the sign but it completely slipped my mind.

bell inn rode cider

The Lilley’s apple/pear cider was a real delight.  Clear but with the colour of ripe and slightly oxidized pear meat, it had the acidity of cider apples and the sweet depth of a properly done-up peary.  Seek this out.

The sound track here was Mumford and Sons which bothered me because I thought it was just some R.E.M. I had missed along the way.  It finally dawned on me as I was leaving.

bell inn rode

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