Swindon Rounds Orienteering Challenge (third run)   3 comments


The other runs are here:
Runs 1 and 2
Runs 4 and 5
Runs 6 through 9 (finish)

2013-05-16 map section

The Swindon Rounds Orienteering Challenge is trundling along and forcing my runs into some territory I haven’t trod in a while (click on above map for link to full gmap of the project).

Swindon Orienteering Control 10M

The theme today seemed to be the ghosts of old control markers, Hiroshima shadows of which were found on 3 out of the four marker sites (above at the bicycle flyover on the Oxford side of the A420/A419 roundabout).

Swindon Orienteering Control 24I

Swindon is fairly urban but there are only a few neighbourhoods that are dodgy enough to give berth to, and then mostly only late at night.  You are reminded of this as you skirt such a buurt through a narrow tunnel of foliage looking for a clue in a children’s game.

Swindon Orienteering Control 11W

On the other hand, everyone in these areas seemed really nice.  Some kids said, ‘hiya,’ in a friendly way as I passed, another couple of old dudes stopped their conversation to nod and smile, and a geezer urinating in the bushes gave me a thumbs-up as I passed (I hope that was a thumb).

Swindon Orienteering Control 12B

So, for those of you playing along at home, here’s the dance card as it stands on 16 May 2013.  Once finished, I’ll expect a large number of you to send in for your prize (let me know if you do and I’ll post the ones from farthest afield).


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