Bodrum Fish Bar, Oxford (kpw* for week 15)   1 comment

[*kpw = kebab per week for 2013, as noted in an earlier post and the 17th entry for the 2013 Challenge]

bodrum fish bar oxford kebab

If you are trying to do a statistical analysis based on this year’s kebab challenge, you should note that last week’s assertion that the best kebab places are near a good music shop and across from a porn place (see above) is not necessarily the case.  Then again, maybe just noticing these things improves the perceived quality of the meal.

I first went to the Bodrum Fish Bar a year or so ago and was soundly disappointed, but this was pretty tasty despite initial appearances.  The elephant leg was a leftover and only about 6 inches in diameter; as the first customer of the day I saw it before the space heater that cooks it was turned on and was impressed and disturbed by the large, white globules of congealed fat.  The heat melted these well and the meat, which was less like minced meat than expected and in fact appeared to retain a bit of the original muscular structure, wasn’t salty or fatty once the mass was assembled.

Overall, the chilli sauce was awesome and the tomatoes fantastic and generously apportioned (I got four on the small kebab) but the lettuce was browning (crisp, but old) .  Not a kebab for the beginner, I would definitely stop here again following a Cowley Road drinking session.

There are two Bodrum’s on this block, but Bodrum is the most common kebab shop name in this country and I have had some very good and very bad kebabs at Bodrum’s past.  {Bodrum is a Turkish resort city known as Halicarnassas in ancient times, and renowned for its cuisine, ironically.}

bodrum fish bar oxford

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